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Prototype History

"The Old PRR Conemaugh Division"

Heavy Model Railroad Action Bypassing the Iron City

     Try to Imagine a model railroad layout where the operations includes mountain helper districts, long tunnels, bridges, single track mainline, heavy industrial switching, and well over 30 trains in a normal 4-hour day imitating 24 hours (00:01 AM to 24:00 PM) using a 6 to 1 ratio fast clock

     That's the freelanced Kiski Valley Railroad serving the Valleys of the Conemaugh, Kiskimetas and west side Allegheny Rivers, with a branch line following Buffalo Creek to Winfield Junction, and then on to Butler. The Winfield RR, a very short line railroad serves the rest of Buffalo Creek North into Winfield Twp. All located in South Western Pennsylvania.

     The old PRR Conemaugh Division was used to by-pass Pittsburgh, one of the busiest railroading centers in America, with possibly the widest variety of operations to be found in a single region.

     The last of the Pennsylvania Railroad's Conemaugh division route is captured here by the Kiski Valley Railroad a few decades or so prior to the NYC & PRR merger.  The KVRR provides enough traffic to keep any operator rail fan happy.  The "PENNSYLVANIA", the "PITTSBURGH & SHAWMUT", the "WINFIELD" and the "BALTIMORE & OHIO" railroads all played an equally important role in this region. Plus, the heavy industrial hauling "Butler Branch Railroad" of the KVRR also contributes to exciting operations.

     You'll see switchers working in a USS (United States Steel) blast furnace & rolling mill, at the coke ovens, the coal mines and a quarry producing rip rack, limestone and ballast. First and second class passenger trains on the mainline, extras carrying live loads of coal, coke, ballast, limestone, iron ore and of all things, "manure" (but not live loads only plastic) as well as PRR's through freights.  Besides the above mentioned, there is an operating coal barge, sitting in the Allegheny River, being loaded .

     Here's your opportunity to experience & enjoy heavy-duty model railroading the year around.

     Come on in. I think you'll like what you see...and of course, beginners are more than welcome to this, the "World's Greatest Hobby."

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